Posted by: audioofamber | February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday.

I went  to a birthday party the other day. I ate sushi like ten years ago and didn’t really like it cause of the seaweed flavor. So this party was first at a sushi restaurant. I tried sake sashimi (salmon), which actually wasn’t as horrible as I might imagine. I dislike ‘fishy’ flavour so most of the time I don’t like to eat fish. This was quite mild in flavour, and the texture didn’t disgust me as I had imagined either. So, it was a pretty good experience. I also tried tekka maki (tuna roll) and it wasn’t bad, but I still didn’t really love the seaweed flavour. I skipped the ikura nigiri (salmon eggs) saba nigiri (pickled mackrel) toro nigiri (fatty tuna) and tekka sashimi (tuna) that my boyfriend ate. Oh I also drank some sake, which I had never had before. I was adventurous enough for one night! Maybe a few months actually. I am enjoying trying things again that I decided I disliked as a child/teenager, because I find sometimes my tastes have changed and it is good to find new things to like!

Then we went back to one of the birthday boy’s houses. There were a bunch of people I had never met before at dinner and the gathering (it was my old coworker’s birthday, and I had met his wife before as well, but other than them and my bofyriend I knew no one.) It was surprisingly enjoyable considering this. Everyone was  really nice. Maybe people are not as scary and evil and annoying as I sometimes think. But, my old coworker and his wife are pretty awesome so I should have expected them to have decent friends!

I made this birthday card for him. I kinda fucked it up but I like it anyway, especially the ‘happy birthday’ in black metal writing. I had to look up pictures of black metal for reference, and it was kinda scary. Buaha.  Also, I listened to ‘Coven’ while I was drawing it. That is as about Satanic as I get.

Also, this is funny.



  1. What happened to your Twitter?

    • I deleted it. Just was getting a bit sick of it, although I miss some of the peeps already!

  2. Well, I noticed your site having a peek-a-boo on my site so I thought I would do a drive by. So pleasantly surprised you weren’t flogging a snuggie blanket or a get rich quick scheme. Heavy metal and sushi in the same post…so very brave :)

    • A peek-a-boo? I am a bit naive as to how this internets magic happens, but I am glad you were not disgusted with my blog upon arrival. :)

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