Posted by: audioofamber | January 18, 2010

Manga #2

After being blown away by my first manga, I decided to read one of the ones I purchased on my own accord. I spent a good hour and a half at Curious Comics browsing the manga, trying to find something I would like. I mostly focused on the stuff wrapped up in plastic, because you know there’s something inappropriate inside! (Though, I have a feeling they keep all the truly awesome perverted sexual stuff back in Japan.)

However, I also had to pick up this unsealed one as I really liked the art, and have a love of animals. Beast Master is a story about a girl who loves animals. A new boy comes to her school that everyone is afraid of, but she witnesses how animals adore him so decides to get to know him as well.

As I said, I like the art…. but I think this is a typical shojo manga with trite writing, simplistic romances and far too little sexual innuendo. Heh! Might pick up the next in the series, if I am running out of things to read. No, that’s not fair. I might buy it just because I like the art. Apologies to the author Kyosuke Motomi who seems like a charming lady, and I am very happy for her to achieve her dream of creating manga! I am just not quite the right audience unfortunately.

I did like this part where she threw herself in the path of his destruction, and got a nasty bite! I like how she isn’t afraid.

I love the part she wrote about her bra-size! Hehe looks like she idealizes the skinny young ladies too!

Side note: it is difficult to write about something this lighthearted while also watching American History X!!! So much ugly in this world :(


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