Posted by: audioofamber | January 18, 2010

Manga #1.

I have a new hobby! I can’t remember quite how I got interested…. a combination of all the pervy hentai I look at, the boyfriend having a pre-existing manga collection, and getting interested in creating art again. I asked him to recommend me a few to read, and I also bought a few at Curious Comics for myself. I had about five set aside I wanted to read, and asked him what I should start with.

He recommended xxxHolic… a manga created by Clamp, a group of women who started out as highschool girls drawing fan art. PERFECT MANGA TO BEGIN WITH! For some reason with manga in general, I expected to enjoy the art but not be blown away by the narrative. How wrong I was! At times I actually felt the story to strike deeper than a freaking self-help book! Clearly, these women are amazing.

Also, there are slightly pervy innuendos that I thorougly enjoy.

I am very jealous of her girly minions!

The plotline on quitting I found especially poingnant.



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