Posted by: audioofamber | November 21, 2009

Why I hate twitter. Also a cool artist.

SO I haven’t been updating here very much at all because I have become, in the past few months, a chronic twitter user. There are some things I really like about it, and I have actually met some really cool people from it. However, I am often struck by how much awesome stuff I post (naturally, because I am awesome) that no one seems to appreciate. Buaha. I mean that but in a less jerky way. I just like how I can post things I find interesting here and people can come across it years later. On twitter, if you don’t catch their interest in those 140 characters in the appropriate time-span, it’s forgotten forever. (Except probably to be found for blackmail purposes in the future.)

Here is something I twittered about that no one cared about!

This artist, John Baizley, is the fucking LEAD SINGER OF BARONESS. Besides being probably the “heavy” band I most enjoy and respect, he’s a fucking talented visual artist as well. I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THIS. Well, not really, but what’s up with them? Maybe with meth injections every morning I would be as prolific. Must work on that.



  1. wow, is all i can say

  2. he’s a super cool guy as well! met him when they played the Kuma’s Corner 4th anniversary party this last summer. have you seen the sweet vinyl for the new record?

    they’re playing here on Wednesday but unfortunately i’ll be missing them due to another rock show…

  3. Yea I read an interview and he seems really fucking cool! They played here in the summer with Clutch but I missed it…. don’t love Clutch so much though.
    Haven’t checked out the vinyl yet….

  4. A,
    Cool beans. Never heard of this artist or his band, thanks.

    My friend, @Vanadia on twitter, said, “Twitter is like a cat. You say stuff to it & hope it will have an unexpected reaction… but it usually just lays there”.

    He obviously doesn’t own a cat who can do backflips,

  5. Haha, awesome twitter quote.

  6. You wrote: John Baizely
    Correct spellling: John Baizley

  7. far out… sharing on facebook. hope that’s ok.


  8. Of course brother.

  9. Oh thanks Jordan! Will correct now.

  10. oh my god. amazing. you’re right, i totally missed this on twitter. (: but luckily you blogged about it. phew!

  11. Oh wow, wow!

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