Posted by: audioofamber | July 19, 2009

Holy crap!

So, you know that song, “One Tin Soldier”? [Listen here.] Pretty, folky, teaches you about loving your neighbour and not being greedy and shit. I have personally always been a big fan. Pictured someone like Joan Baez singing it. But NO! It’s COVEN. Apparently the first occult rock band that freaked people the fuck out in the late 60s!

Jinx began and ended each Coven concert with the sign of the horns, being the first to introduce this hand sign into rock pop culture. They were signed to Mercury Records, where they put out their first album, Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls in 1969.

Pictures [one is NSFW!]



coven - witchcraft - inside

[you deserve to see the full res version of the above one here.]




An already great song just because like a trillion more times awesome. I never ever would have expected it!



  1. i have that record looking out at me leaning against the stereo right now! if you like Jinx Dawson and coven, you should check out Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony, maybe The Devil’s Blood as well…

  2. Omg, lucky!!!
    I will check out your suggestions. I love how scary occult music from back then sounds positively lovely these days!

  3. no doubt… the bands I mentioned are all present-day, but definitely mining that sound.

  4. Oh I see! Very neat :)

  5. […] look up pictures of black metal for reference, and it was kinda scary. Buaha.  Also, I listened to ‘Coven’ while I was drawing it. That is as about Satanic as I […]

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