Posted by: audioofamber | July 10, 2009

Best intertubing of the day:

15 creepiest vintage ads of all time

These are my favourite:


What are they even getting at with this one? I will never look at our PB postage meter the same.


HOLY SHIT!!! In this one not only is the ad traumatizing, but the product itself is fucking demented!!!


In what universe was this not totally perverted?



  1. I think the one with the postage meter is that the dude is an executive and he needs to mail some stuff and the chick is the secretary, but she is refusing to help him with it and it’s so badly designed that he can’t use it himself. That’s my guess anyways, as this same interaction goes on quite regularily in my office around the piece of shit Pitney-Bowes stamp machine. The only difference is the gender roles are not fixed.

  2. I can’t even believe the Lysol one.

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