Posted by: audioofamber | June 24, 2009


I was in Vancouver to see Isis. Helms Alee opened for them and the kick ass hot chick drummer made me inspired to learn to play the beautiful drum kit sitting in the basement. I have been practicing…

Helms Alee Couch



Here are a couple pictures from my trip.

My brother made us dinner at his fiancee’s apartment. Unfortunately the lovely girl was in New Mexico.


THANK THE LORD he put the cilantro on the side.

I should have taken a tonne of photos of her place. It was amazing. Everywhere you looked, so many neat little touches. She goes to school for textiles and has her beautiful creations scattared about the house.


You can tell from this piece of art plus the wall colour what a neat place this was!

We stayed at the Listel. It was pretty nice. I wasn’t blown away nor was I disappointed.




We saw this insane car downtown. I wish I got pictures of the inside. In the back he had a creepy mannequin goddess thing and a functioning fountain! Whatever he was selling me, I buy it.

It was a very brief and good trip.



  1. hey you’re seeing some good bands! i saw Isis just about a week ago myself, although Pelican and Keelhaul were opening, not Helms Alee – too bad, i really loved that record of theirs last year!



    • Did drunk douchebags wreck one whole side of the floor with a mosh pit at the show you went to as well? Gah. I am no hippie but I feel like that lame negative energy made me not enjoy myself as much as I could. Even Aaron was like uhh dudes… simmer down. Alas they did not. We were talking to a guy who had been to three or four other Isis shows and said this was the first one with a mosh pit! Of course, at my first “metal” show!

      • yeah, mosh pits have always been pretty lame, i agree.

        there wasn’t one to speak of at the show i was at (although two idiots did get in a fight at some point over something-or-other), and i can’t remember there ever really being one at any of the other Isis shows i’ve been to, either. don’t let it put you off from more ‘metal’ shows, though!

  2. Since when were mosh pits lame negative energy?

    • Since… always? Or at least when the rest of the audience, aside from a few drunken morons, as well as the band who is playing, totally don’t welcome it.

  3. Nice.
    I was going to bitchslap the retard but you got here first

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