Posted by: audioofamber | June 23, 2009

Twitter for Monday, June 22.

I think I am going to start a daily summary of my twitter posts here.  Although I loathe double-posting content, I saw someone else do this on their blog and thought it was a good idea for two reasons. First of all, I feel like my brilliance [buahaha] is wasted, disappearing into the abyss of twitter but minutes after it’s posted. Also, I always intend on updating my blog with some of these thoughts, but as this is a more significant undertaking, I tend to never get around to it.  I figure this is better than nothing?

#”The anti-bullying bill is an urgent threat to our children and the institution of marriage.” -Christian Action League

#Every child in N. Carolina has to complete an abstinence before marriage curriculum. Just wow.

#Do you want to deprive cats of their catnip? #cats #drugs

#Can I handle working in a vet office? How do I find out without trying?

#RT @MattPotma : All cars sold in Can. as of 2010 will be limited to 150km/h! ( @mthrsuperior buy that racecar now)

#Can’t wait to go home and practice drums. ‘And-1-and-2-and-1-and-2…’ :D!!

#“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” “Authorities are easily outnumbered.”

#Having a spouse who works for the Feds made it impossible for me to ignore the injustices of our current economic model. I miss apathy.

#We need to support workers, now more than ever. The recession is an excuse to fuck over the poor. #taxtherich #fascism #strikeTO

#Can’t believe all the anti-union stuff I am reading this morning. Ugh.

#RT @thegoodatheist RT @sarahelabance: Christian Action League lobbying 2 okay bullying of gay school kids


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