Posted by: audioofamber | May 31, 2009

Today, schipperkes.

In ode to the one I encountered while walking Roxy who seems so tough and calm and fearless and zen. When I look on wikipedia, there is a lot of talk of them behaving quite differently from that so perhaps there goes my dream of owning one of these little pig-tank-beasts. They just seem to be a big dog trapped inside a little dogs body, but not in an asshole-ish way. Like they would be able to hold their own with Roxy. Even their faces sort of look like a larger dogs.








The blonde ones kind of remind me of Roxy’s midget cousins or something. See?



Today we took her to Dallas road [which is not where that photo was taken] and she was so good with all animals and dogs. It was awesome. Now I am drinking red wine, and going to watch TNG or Quadrophenia. Not a bad day. PS: Weird Quadrophenia is a legendary movie and I have never ever heard it’s name.


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