Posted by: audioofamber | May 21, 2009


I won’t bore you with all the Puma shit “I” just bought [till it arrives anyway] but how crazy are these shoes?


The description makes them at least 1.5x better.

A fantastic material and color update inspired by Mega Man, a video game first released by Capcom in 1987. Whether you’re familiar with the character or not, this synthetic leather material looks and feels like vinyl, giving the upper a shiny, retro-futuristic look. The addition of the nylon underlays, painted eyelets, & video game inspired pixelated emboss on the toe bumper complete this awesome look.

Also, this Mongolian Shoe BBQ thing is pretty insanely awesome. Once I am less broke I am most likely all over that shit.



  1. I want those sneakers or these –

  2. Yea if those ones were in stock me and/or my boyfriend would have got a pair for sure.
    I wish they had the blue in high tops, I am pretty happy with mine though!

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