Posted by: audioofamber | May 19, 2009

Magnum PI is my ring tone.

So the best present ever.





  1. Be glad I have yet to see your dog wandering around loose… if i ever do, s/he’s mine.

    Seriously, I love the color. I think you dog-o-philes call it fawn.

  2. How fucked up is it that I initially thought you were going to say you would shoot my dog or something? Yea… we have neighbours with chickens and a ‘free-spirited’ dog…. I would wish you luck with her LOL.

  3. huh? wha? i wouldn’t shoot her. most pets are far cooler than the average person i see walking the street. if i were to go ‘hunting’ i’d probably start with bipedal prey.

    i’m a cat man myself… i have a nice tortoiseshell she-cat that i can leave for a week at a time (with her food and water dispenser and automatic litter box) who doesn’t care if she sees me or not. i’m sure i wouldn’t have the time, energy or inclination for something that actually requires attention on a daily basis.

  4. I am just so used to people being afraid of and hating on my sweet cute dog! Cause she is a bit wild.

    I like cats a lot too. I miss my wonderful adorable cute fat cat!!! :(

    I really want a cat friend for my dog, but my dog would almost undoubtedly devour the poor thing.

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