Posted by: audioofamber | May 6, 2009

My coat is very furry, I’m a grizzly grizzly bear.

EEEKK! AIIIEEE!! I had always hoped this would be on youtube but hadn’t looked until now.

I hope I can find the rest I used to have on this VHS [my dad and my brother’s dad both gave me copies on VHS… must have been in the 99 cent bin at Loblaws!] … I haven’t watched this video yet cause I may melt into a pool of childhood nostalgia.

Too much information story: The first time I got my period, I stayed home from school sick and watched tv. When the Babar theme song came on it made me cry my heart out regarding my exactly-then lost childhood. That is how fucking self-aware I am. L-O-L.

I remember one time seeing  something on TV about American Graffiti, which I still don’t think I have seen in its entirety. In any case, I believe it was about the Richard Dreyfeuss character and how he was the only one involved who was totally aware in the moment that what was happening around him were things he would recall for the rest of his life. I used to identify with that character, I felt I could always feel when something larger than myself was going on. Do I simply no longer have those experiences, or have I lost that awareness of the moment? It seems now it is an area in my character that is weak, not a strength.

And this is all before I even watched the freaking cartoon.

Wow, now I have, and this reminds me of the nightmares I have almost every night! Oh man.

I always liked this one from the tape even better! Woo!


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