Posted by: audioofamber | February 28, 2009

Too lazy to write.

Stuff that is cool:

Me, clearly. This book looks insanely long but the font and spacing are huge (cause old ladies love the Street.)

This dog. I mean, seriously, holy fuck.

This. Even though I hate kids, I love kid related art stuff. Although, I have come to accept lately I may not actually hate children, I just don’t want to own one.

Lloyd/Lister. I have never actually seen Red Dwarf, but now that it’s temporarily coming back and I have come to love Lloyd, I feel I should give it a chance. Hmm.

These rabbits.

This shit. Wow.


This Gorilla/Night Elf hunter dance party. (I am the shadow babe.)



  1. kriek! what the shit is that! i always get fromboise or whatever the french word is for raspberries is. my friends and i went to this place that specializes in desserts in portland and someone got a raspberry beer float (which introduced me to it) and it was so delicious omg

  2. BAHAHAHA this just made my night. Fucking hilarious :D thank you!

  3. Kriek is awesome! I just had it for the first time. It’s kind of like beer, but kinda not, and totally tastes like black cherries. Soooo good. I had never heard of it before!

    Wait… RASPBERRY BEER FLOAT? I didn’t read that properly the first few times I read it. Like, framboise and ice cream??

    And thanks Gem! I didn’t really expect anyone other than myself to enjoy this post!! :P

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