Posted by: audioofamber | February 12, 2009


I am starting to find that my first instinct when I come across something cool is to twitter it instead of post it here. Twitter just makes it so quick and easy.

So check out my twitter since I can’t get my twitterfeed to work on here.



It really is the hugest shame ever that I probably wouldn’t fit in there.

Also, SO LAME that I don’t have a Star Trek uniform. I am afraid I would want to wear it every day though.



  1. wow that is some intergalactic cleavage right there

  2. For some reason, the word “Bones” keeps popping into my mind…

  3. P.S. I’m thinking you could fit; it would be fun to try/observe anyway… :p

    P.P.S. Holy fuck, you are a tweetaholic!

  4. my brother used to have a com-link pin that would beep when you pressed it, i think you need one of those as well.

    also before i scrolled down i thought that was a butt!

  5. That is kick ass. I have a tri-corder and a phaser but no communicator.

    Yea, it is quite butt like indeed!

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