Posted by: audioofamber | February 11, 2009

Star, star…

I went all Podcast crazy. I have never really downloaded a Podcast. Jeff downloads The Basketball Jones and we listen to it on the way to work and it kicks ass. But I was visiting the NPR website today in order to download some concerts I used to listen to via their website. When I had my office to myself, and the better computer of the office which was cruelly snatched from me, I was on NPR all day using their flash music player or whatever as I could not install software. I discovered some really great music from there including The Swell Season/Once/Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova/The Frames, Fleet Foxes, and heard some amazing live concerts from these artists as well as Broken Social Scene etc. Anyway, when I was on the site today I smacked my forehead that I could be listening to these all on my ipod. I downloaded a bunch of concerts from NPR, the ones I mentioned as well as Animal Collective, Radiohead and more. I found a few podcasts that seemed interesting including This American Life which people always talk about.

Does anyone have any good podcasts to recommend?

Speaking of The Swell Season, they have some pretty kick ass merchandise. [They are the musicians who star in the film Once.]






They have a DVD too! I so want to see them live. At least you can somewhat emulate the experience with technology. It’s not the same though!

It kills me in their encore in ‘Star, Star’ when they bust into the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the end and he says ‘It’s all yours Charlie!’ *TEARZ* haha.



  1. You know, I wanted to leave some sort of comment about this post, but don’t really know what to say. So I’m leaving a really pointless non-comment comment.

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