Posted by: audioofamber | January 20, 2009

I’ve got a friend in Jesus.

Also I went to Vancouver on the weekend to visit Lindsay before she disappears to LA, the lucky girl. Even though I never see her, I shall miss her regardless! May be a good excuse to finally make it to California for a visit!

It was a pretty good weekend. Saw my brother, ate Indian food 3 times, spent too much money on clothes [finally made it to H&M but there were so many people and I was all tired and sweaty and the wait for the change rooms was about half an hour so it was kind of a fruitless journey.] Also I played Rock Band for the first time ever [for some reason Malloreigh singing ‘Spirit in the Sky’ while we’re all drunk was pretty memorable for me.] Finally grasped the concept that an iPhone is “not bells and whistles… it’s a life tool.”-Linds. Went out to Glory Days at the Biltmore which I had heard so much about. I had never been to a bar night with Lindsay where she takes a bunch of pictures and stuff, I was kind of nervous. It was fun though. She even took a few pictures of me that were not horrible. I wish I was not so awkward in front of a camera. One day I will be one of these people that’s all uninhibited and free in front of the lens. So I dream anyway, although I am not too sure how that’s possible. I am afraid the only way might be to spend a lot of time with someone who takes a lot of photos, but hat seems somehow unlikely.

Lindsay lives a 1 minute walk approximately from the Biltmore.

I look pretty excited this random dude is touching me. Haha

Once again looking pretty happy.

Jeff: “Why didn’t you out-cleavage her when you could?” baha



  1. i got stories on that guy touching you, lol

  2. That’s pretty funny. Vancouver is so small. I don’t think that’s really your ‘scene’ but I am always hoping I see you in her pictures haha

  3. used to be more my scene a few years ago, it got invaded by my ex girlfriend so i went a different direction.

    also not emily carr enough : (

  4. One of the great things about you is that you’re clearly cool enough to be there, whatever that means, but don’t care to be. Do you go out anywhere? Trying to scheme to run into you next time I am in Van.

  5. Next time you’re at H+M look up and wave I can see you from my deck.

    I’m pretty random I don’t have anywhere regular. Let me know the next time you come down I will GIVE YOU A RUNDOWN OF WHAT MAY HAPPEN THAT WEEKEND

  6. Sounds like a deal.

  7. that last pic is um, wow

  8. Yay! Best visit!! I’ve already been like – blah blah, thanks for coming out – but again – THANKS FOR COMING OUT!

    IT was so fun to see you DANCE!

  9. I know, it was so great. I am pretty sad we won’t get another chance!

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