Posted by: audioofamber | January 14, 2009

And now for a WoW news update.

In Gadgetzan!


I am so jealous of Jeff’s hat!


I respeced as a shadow priest and boy do I kick ass!




  1. When I was your age we had Half-Life. I think it was similar.

    Amazing how much time I spent escaping reality (and necessities like meals and sleep) playing that. It was a lot of fun, though…

  2. That is a cool hat indeed, did he buy wow gold to get that hat? Or did he get it from killing a boss? I remember when I was still playing this game (that game is now gone though) and I made this priest, who other players couldn’t kill lol. It takes a lot of them before they could kill my priest, because my bf loves to upgrade my stuff that it went to be one of the highest gears in the whole community.

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