Posted by: audioofamber | January 6, 2009

Drunk – check. Skinny – not so much.

Anyone know any good low calorie alcoholic beverages? Post your favourites here. I want to keep drinking excessively AND lose weight hopefully someday. Jim Beam and apple juice is not helping.


My one and only ever beer bong. I took it like a total champ, the observers could scarcely believe it.  I miss Cathy and Heather. I thought that might be the start of a really solid ‘friend group.’ Then Heather left. Sounds dumb to say cause me and Cathy have been friends for oh, ten years now, but for some reason it seems impossible to get the two of us together. It’s like we need fresh people in the mix to force us to hang out. Cause I am antisocial mostly I guess and Cathy has given up on me over the years.


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