Posted by: audioofamber | December 30, 2008

On the juice

Me walking to the Pantry for lunch:  Stupid snow, oh no this footing is slippery, I hope I don’t fall,  why don’t you watch where you’re going stupid cars, eww look at that dumb child over there, I hope I won’t be late getting back, the food at the Pantry kinda sucks…

Me walking back to work after lunch [1 glass of shitty red wine consumed]: Hey maybe the world is kind of neat. I have no worries about falling. Everything will work itself out! I have such hope for the future. What a great day.

I think 1 glass of red wine makes me feel like a ‘normal’ person. It rids me of that constantly underlying fear and negativity that courses through my cortex. Is it any wonder I want to be slightly drunk all the time?




  1. this is me except replace red wine with gingko biloba

    maybe better? kind of weirder.

    but hey they say one glass of wine a day is healthy, so maybe you are actually onto something!

  2. I thought you *were* slightly drunk all the time!

  3. This reminds me of something else, for which I’ve been digging for the source but alas it remains aloof:
    Medical Science has proven most people with heroin addictions are genetically pre-disposed to it. Heroin *normalizes* their serotonin, dopamine, cortisol and quells the amygdala.
    Oxycontin is particularly effective for the latter.
    In other words there’s no so-called “recreational” effect.
    It’s effect is purely medicinal.

    Of course being a natural medicinal substance that grows in abundance it can’t be patented and therefore remains controlled/illegal so we can be sold bogus patent medicines instead. (While our tax dollars fight wars (Afghanistan!) to give corporations control of said natural substance.)

  4. Medical Science has proven


    peer reviewed journal article, if you please…

  5. Touche! I so set myself up for that.

    Since when do mormons give a crap about evidence??????

  6. He is not a mormon! You can tell because the soul of a mormon bursts into flames if they visit my blog.

  7. Mormons have souls?????

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