Posted by: audioofamber | December 23, 2008

People with poodles are evil.

As if we didn’t already know this…










Can’t decide which version of the peacock is better…




  1. Poodles freak me out.

  2. oh, jeez, that is terrible.

    So I got your comment on my blog “Entropy” and had to come oer and check yours out. The first post title i saw was “people with poodles are evil”. And I had to laugh, just a couple of weeks ago, as I was walking our Anatolian (whose name is entropy) a crazy poodle owner let her 18m unneutered male out of the car to meet my dog. SHe proceeded to watch as I dragged my dog about a block, as her dog madly humped my dog. When I yelled at her to get her dog, she just looked at me like I was nuts for suggesting her dog was in the wrong. UGH. Anyway.

    What fun to find another Entropy blog. My husband I and I laughed again when we saw that you play Warcraft. Who knows, you guys are probably in the same guild.

  3. I will never *ever* recover from this thread.
    Hot poker? Meet eyeballs!

  4. I thought you would have liked the Grateful Dead one

    Hey Sandie! That is a hilarious story. I didn’t realize your dog is actually named Entropy! That is so cool. I had to come up with an important alias one time and it was down to Entropy or Solaris but I went with the latter. I thought dumb people might confuse Entropy with Atrophy lol. I was looking up photos of Anatolian Shephards because I saw a picture of one and it held a striking resemblance to my dog! I have realized because her ears are sticking in the air half of the time that she must not be one though.

    And you never know… there are a lot of couples in my guild! That would be pretty hilarious.

  5. poodlles are just dogs . Their guardians are humans. They are the ones that make our dogs do what they do.I love poodles and all dogs.

  6. I do agree with this comment. If people wouldn’t give poodles those horrible, horrible haircuts, they wouldn’t be half bad!!!

  7. That is why I said ‘PEOPLE with poodles are evil’…. not the poodles themselves :P
    Although if I saw that chicken poodle running at me I would be very afraid!

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