Posted by: audioofamber | December 22, 2008

And I’m not even high.

Every time I listen to Mogwai [which isn’t often enough] I am shocked by how moving it is. How deeply and profoundly something can stir you when there are no lyrics. I often [almost always] find myself feeling a true bond with a song when the lyrics are something that resonate with me as truth. Mogwai bring that feeling, but much more intensely, simply by their slow building, droning, epic, gentle and sometimes furious, rock. It struck me as I was listening to their Government Commissions album just now that Mogwai live in the special place in my head where dreams live. Where the emotion reaches you and stays with you without being encumbered by rationality or facts. Where you’re drifting through vagueries which cannot be described but feel unquantifiably important at the time, never to be recalled clearly, only remaining as a general feeling that one can’t quite remember yet encapsulates their whole soul.

I can’t believe I didn’t know them until a few months ago…. everyone should know who they are. I wonder if I would appreciate them so much if I hadn’t seen them live. Definitely one of the best and most powerful live shows I have ever seen.



  1. I feel like any sort of comment following that will taint it somehow.
    Silence – or at least the absence of words – *is* often golden.
    If I wasn’t already thoroughly smitten I sure as satan would be now.

    <3 to infinity

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