Posted by: audioofamber | December 11, 2008

The kind of love only a mother could provide.

After a WONDERFUL conversation with my mother last night where she suggested I put down my dog because it’s an inconvenience, I had the most horrible nightmare filled sleep. My family was holding me prisoner, it was Christmas, they were making me do everything and being extremely cruel, telling me I am fucked up, too sensitive, and worse. Mean to the point of abuse. Even my favourite little cousin was making me cry. The ferries were canceled because of a snowstorm. I kept trying to call Jeff on the phone but when my family would catch me they would take it away. I kept forgetting his phone number… then later in another nightmare I was raped repeatedly, and not in the sexy fantasy way. In the afraid for your life way. Great sleep.
THANKS, MOM! Or rather, thanks my stupid brain that let’s insignificant things destroy me.  Sigh.



  1. hey you… i hope you’ve been able to shake your dreams away. i stumbled on this comic today that i thought you’d appreciate…


  2. Note that your mom wants you to put our dog down becuase it’s an inconvenience for HER.
    Important and telling difference.
    Really think about this.
    She wants you to kill what prevents her from getting her way.
    She can’t deal with a legitmate impediment to her bogus conceptions.
    Her solution? Kill it.

    She’s a sociopath.
    Drop her like she’s hot.

  3. I fear you might be right…. I fear there is no hope for this situation. Nothing so far has helped at all…. arg. If only it was so easy to put down the things we love that are bothersome!!!

  4. I kept trying to call Jeff on the phone but when my family would catch me they would take it away.

    Not that it matters, but night before last I had *exactly* the same thing happen.

    Bizarre… but then maybe it’s the *season* for such archetypal intrusions…

  5. Ha, that is strange. Not that I am glad you had that anxiety but I am glad I am not the only one this happens to, anyway. I hate dreading Christmas :(

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