Posted by: audioofamber | December 11, 2008

Pop culture = evil

It would be difficult for me to care any less about American Idol or Paula Abdul [save the Rush, Rush video where I fell in love with Keanu Reeves as a child.] Anyway, this is kinda fucked regardless.

Paula Abdul is accusing American Idol producers of forcing her to come face-to-face with known stalker Paula Goodspeed, reports People.

Abdul was a guest on Barbara Walters’ Sirius XM radio show Barbara Live!, where she claimed that Idol producers allowed Goodspeed to get close to her for “entertainment value.” The Idol judge was familiar with the girl and begged producers not to let Goodspeed audition in Season 5, but they went ahead and allowed her into the room anyway.

“I said, ‘This girl is a stalker of mine. Please do not let her in.’ Everyone knew. I was shaking,” Abdul remembered. She also claimed producers insisted Goodspeed audition because it would “be fun for them to cause me stress,” and added that Goodspeed showed up at other auditions and obtained her address by following her home from one of them.

“She had been writing disturbing letters for 17 years, almost 18 years,” said Abdul. “We had restraining orders at times.”

Abdul claims Goodspeed also sent her naked pictures of herself and, in some letters, threatened her with “bodily harm.” Abdul adds, “She said the only way I will serve her purpose is when I’m up in heaven being her guardian angel.”

On Nov. 11, police found Goodspeed dead of an apparent suicide outside of Abdul’s home.


Yea.. she doesn’t look whack or anything.




  1. with her epic pharmacological intake I’m surprised she feels anything at all.

    Look I hate aMerkin idle at least as much as anyone
    I’m not sure your point.
    Restraining order?
    This argument should have ended right there.
    S/he (sure that’s not a tranny?) should have never been let on.

  2. OK now where’s the YouTube of the audition!

  3. I am not sure your point in asking my point? Isn’t it obvious? Seems kind of silly that American Idol would allow that for entertainment’s sake.

    And it is on youtube!!! :P I didn’t post it cause I can’t even watch it here.

  4. You sound like Theodor Adorno…

    …a culture that in being aggressively “anti” high culture, seems every year to make more and more cultural artifacts of less and less quality that are consumed with some disgust by their “fans”, viewed as objects themselves…

    I didn’t agree with him on everything (he tended to go too far sometimes, suggesting that art/music is lousy simply because a lot of people like it) but he had some zingers and they’re more relevant today than when he originally wrote them.

  5. I was half joking when I said pop culture = evil. Obviously pop culture is mostly crap, but just as I have never bought into a trend simply because it is popular, nor will I dislike something for the same reason.

  6. You disagree with him too, but you might like his work. You’re one of the rare few who would “get it” innately. (I’m not that savvy, but I try.)

    He collaborated with Max Horkheimer on a book called Dialectic of Enlightenment. You’d like it, I think.

  7. I think you greatly overestimate me but thanks for the compliment. If I am ever feeling ambitious enough to read anything other than Redwall I might have to check him out. Haha

  8. Well I always rank you up there with the great thinkers of humanity.

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