Posted by: audioofamber | December 10, 2008

Tree envy.

This picture my friend sent me of his awesome tree actually makes me rethink my cheesy gaudy thrown together looks like your mom decorated it in the 80s motif. [That was intentional, I swear.]





  1. What are you talking about??!!??
    That tree looks like it was found blowing down a deserted desert city street.

    Ours is WAAAY nicer.

  2. But it is real which is kinda neat and it has classy ornaments and I LOVE the birds. A crow instead of a star? AWESOM-O!

  3. I’m with daddy. It looks sorta skimpy to me, but then I have a plastic one (though it’s a good plastic one, and ya can’t tell) so I suppose I should stfu.

  4. “I’m with daddy”

    I suppose it gets bonus points for being real and ol’ timey

    This last picture of you on the border >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    it keeps blowing my mind and making me stupid

    OH NM I’d miss it were it gone

  5. The bottom picture? It is soo cheesy lol

    What is he supposed to call you? Dirtypervman?

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