Posted by: audioofamber | December 10, 2008

AWESOM-O will not make fun of you or tell your secrets to other people and stuff.

I finally did that make yourself into a South Park character thing. I enjoy partaking in trends years later than it is cool.

Me. Super flattering haha.

A nicer one of me.

Jeff! Note he is IN HELLLLL!!!!

PS: DID I EVER TELL YOU BITCHES I HAVE TICKETS TO MOTHERFUCKING BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE IN SEATTLE? I can’t tell you how excited I am. I have wanted to see them live for quite a while!!!




  1. You have the most awesome taste in muzak, I sweartagawd.

    Tell me you’ve at least heard of Arcade Fire, Ting Tings and Glasvegas.

    I wish I could get my daughter to listen to quality indie rock. She goes wild for Disturbed and Amy Winehouse. Not that I don’t listen to that stuff too, and like it; but it’s a bit lacking in aesthetic sensibility.

  2. I don’t really like the Arcade Fire much. I don’t think they are horrible or anything. The other two I don’t know.

    I don’t know who Disturbed is and haven’t heard Amy Winehouse. I live inside a bubble haha. There is some cool shit in here though. Actually I am hearing a lot more new music lately.

  3. Do you ever fall in to the trap of associating certain bands or songs with people or events in your life… and then when things change and you no longer feel the same way about those people or events, the music suffers…?

    For example, an old friend introduced me to the song “Lover’s Spit” by BSS and whenever I hear it, I think of her. This used to be a good thing, associating this song with her (and her spit, lol), but now that this person is no longer in my life, I cannot listen to the song anymore. Sigh.

    Regardless, I hope they play it when you see them in Seattle. That will be an awesome gig.

  4. I definitely fall into that trap.

    I had to kind of force myself to listen to BSS enough to get over that. It’s not that they don’t still remind me of Keith but the music does become the primary focus again if you work at it.

    Is it the version that the man sings or the version that the girl sings that you know? I always liked the original but when I heard the Feist version… it slays me. My favourite of theirs I think.

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