Posted by: audioofamber | December 8, 2008

The best Dawkins shirt yet.

I REALLY want this one!


Buy it here.



  1. Richard Dawkins… I’ll admit I don’t like that guy very much. I don’t know why, exactly. Same with Christopher Hitchens. I think they remind me a little too much of Mormon missionaries.

    Sam Harris is cool. My friend Richard Carrier is worth reading also.

    I suppose I wish that the old days were back, and someone like Colonel Robert Ingersoll was around. He was as strident as any of the modern skeptics, but at the same time he didn’t look down his nose at believers or promote himself as the one-true-way of atheism. He used humor and was tactful, and he’d debate priests and preachers and shake their hands afterward. The world needs more skeptics, and less evangelical atheists; but then good manners aren’t the going commodity in any sphere of this society.

  2. I love Dawkins. I agree that he does seem like a tad of an arrogant asshole, but to be honest I think he has the right to be. For nearly eternity [on their timeline anyway] religious people have been shouting at us about how their truth is the only truth and we must be ashamed for disagreeing. I think they deserve a bit of their own medicine. However I am sure it does little good with the people he is confronting, as they are completely dedicated to their ignorance.

  3. You’ve got a point. Of course *they* are jerks. I’m sure this post will result in a comment or two which will prove the point (I’ve received a couple of amusing one’s recently, if it’s any consolation).

    I guess I like to think that it’s not about what *they* do. It’s about what we do, and I think people who promote reason over blind faith can prove that civility is a virtue also.

    Part of the reason I think it’s important is due to the fact that the true-believers almost always indulge in a modicum of masochistic self-hatred. They love being spat upon, it proves that they are “persecuted” and therefore “right”. Why indulge them?

    Anyway, great conversation.

  4. That last paragraph is an extremely good point. I agree with you for the most part. I should not care what other people think, but I do. This makes me think perhaps sitting there quietly knowing we are right is not always enough… perhaps there are people whose beliefs are a bit muddied, who hear something Dawkins has to say as something they didn’t necessarily think about, another possibility to reality… I don’t think the loudly ignorant should be the only ones with a voice.

    However in practice, I am generally the kind of person who takes the path of least resistance. Who isn’t sure enough about what she thinks to state she is right, let alone be involved in a campaign of awareness. I just like the fact that someone is out there maybe turning on a few people to another school of thought. I do understand the point I think you are making of ‘maybe they could do it in a nice way.’ I just don’t fault Dawkins for walking around saying HEY WORLD I AM RIGHT because I happen to agree with him.

    My favourite resource on the subject has to be the BBC miniseries A Brief History of Disbelief. It never occured to me how many people throughout the years actually did speak up about atheism.

  5. Richard Dawkins (or Hitchens for that matter) is arrogant?
    Are you kidding me?
    This oft repeated comment utterly baffles me.
    How are we measuring arrogance here? And are we holding authoritarians/belivers up to the same measure?

    You should care what religious people think.
    (They care plenty what you think – Just look at the Simpsons/Gaiman post you made)

    Religion effects how people think.
    How people think motivates their actions.
    The thoughts and actions of religious people effect every single aspect of society from ‘morality’ to politics and far beyond and the history is dispicable.

    Just look at recent US and Canadian elections for a simple example.
    Religious people tend to vote against their own fiscal interests in order to elect openly religious candidates.

    And civility?
    The very idea of treating your enemies with civility is christian thinking.
    Should one remain civil whist being tried or punished by a religious court?
    Should one remain civil to the believer who voted for the government who funds said court?

    People who believe the world is governed by an invisible super-natural deity (etc) not sane *or* intelligent and deserve no respect whatsoever.

    Any thinking person who claims respect for this shit clearly has none for themselves.

  6. kindly excuse the vitriol

    It’s not directed at anyone here.

  7. Heh yea I was like ‘Who are you lambasting?’

    You know I agree with you, I do also see the ‘see both sides’ thing because no matter how stupid the other opinion is, I am plagued with that sort of empathy.

    But yea, you are right… religion is not simply a matter of people have the right to believe what they believe in the privacy of their own homes… unfortunately it seems to be intertwined with so much in our society. So it does hurt me, what they believe.

  8. Actually I made that second post for Greg =P

    And it’s not like I’d disagree civility is a virture per se…..

    For a more practicle point I posit this:
    Buy that shirt. Wear it non-stop.
    Then tell me what you think of christians!

    Remember I had dreadlocks for 15 years.
    So I speak about lack of intelligence and insanity first hand! =P
    What I’m getting at though, is that when you publicly represent yourself as something other than christian, hell is unleashed.
    You can’t imagine.

    Not a day went by where I wasn’t spat on or assulted or harrassed in some way by self-professed christians.
    (yeah yeah, I know…confirmation bias…. lots of people, christian or otherwise, did nothing……)
    I think my point is clear enough tho

    Actually, now that I think of it more than one Hasidim was like “Oy! Nazerene vow??”
    Some religious folk *are* swell peeps.

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