Posted by: audioofamber | December 5, 2008

To save us all from Satans power.

New wordpress throwing me off. Here is my Christmas tree but these pictures don’t really do it justice. I had it up on November 30th, which is pretty much normal or something. Only due to delays in getting the tree. Pre-lit is pretty much amazing. I wish decorating a tree didn’t feel sort of like work, as it’s what I used to do for a living. Well, on the go0od days. I intentionally avoid the whole ‘themed tree’ thing, when I got my decorations as an adult I wanted it to be a mishmash from over the years as I grew up with. Note the cheesy garland. It is getting dangerously closed to polar bear and rudolph themed but whatever. I even bought tinsel thinking, ‘Whoa dude, I haven’t seen this in a while., Why don’t people use this anymore?’ Cause it’s ugly and annoying is why, I found after putting a little on the tree.







Me sad after decorating the tree.




  1. sing along now…
    o tannenbaum, o tannenbaum, wie treu sind deinen blaetter!

    really, that’s a cool tree. lovely in fact. we have a christmas tree/chanukah bush that’s made of plastic, and we have plain white lights. but then we have no taste.

    yeti is awesome too. :) you rawk mightily.

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