Posted by: audioofamber | December 4, 2008


Sorry Jeff, but it’s true. I am sitting in my office, completely unassuming, when my office-mate says ‘A dog. No, two dogs.’ I do not see what he is talking about until two bundles of cuteness with wagging tails come around to my side of the desk. They were the cutest things I have ever seen. That moment, I fell in love. I figured someone may be missing these puppies so I lead them out of my office where I run into their owner. I asked them what kind of dogs they are. ‘Portuguese Podengo’ he said.  ‘I don’t think I have ever seen them before!’ He told me that is because these are the first two in Canada! They are so well behaved and adorable, although they were puppies they were essentially full grown. Holy crap. Trip to Portugal must be planned ASAP.

He actually handed me a card! ‘The only dogs I know with business cards.’ It has a picture of the dogs and websites where you can find more information on them. Obviously he gets asked a lot! They are smooth haired Pequeno (small) Podengos.






They might be even cuter with the rough coat though!



Edit:: I just went upstairs and they were still there… I pet them for a while. I came to the realization they are PERVERT DOGS! They kept licking each other’s weiners and getting all bonery…. do all puppies do that? Haha


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