Posted by: audioofamber | December 4, 2008

Everyone can write this song, but they can’t write you and me.

I realize how little I actually write here, which is sad because I love to write. When I look at quality blogs like this and this [both by the same person] I wish I could sit down and write something in depth and interesting. Unfotunately I have no idea what to write about. Perhaps this is due to feelings of inadequcy… not thinking the time I put into something like that being worth it when nobody will read it. However, the process of writing should not be about it being read, I suppose. In addition there is my apprehension of letting anything truly personal show on this icky place called the internet, due to having been burned in the past.

Instead I will post about how I want these POMCHIS.


I’ve gotta get out of debt so I can afford dog training for our naughty dog, and a new puppy!



  1. you’re like, way too nice and stuff. It ought to be noted that I have a month off, to do nothing. lot 49 is my attempt at a nanowrimo experiment (a novel in one month, in other words) but I couldn’t start it in november like everyone else. i was just simply too busy with work/family/etc.

    anyway, who says puppies aren’t profound? i get as much out of your work as you could possibly glean from mine, and that’s a fact.

  2. Well that is nice of you to say so. I am glad you are enriched by the shallow!

    I heard about that novel in a month thing. I really wanted to do it. I miss writing and I never have “an excuse” to write. Maybe next year I will give it a shot.

  3. Again: anonymous blog you tell nobody about.

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