Posted by: audioofamber | December 2, 2008

Just take a look, read a book…

This one is pretty golden, thanks T-Rocc.


Lavar would have to agree


PS: I never noticed what a cool name Lavar is… it’s like Lava… r. Lava-er.



  1. My heavens, I’ve made someone’s blogroll. This is pretty freakin’ great. Thanks.

    I’m also wondering which title meets with your approval.

    Reading Rainbow: My kids used to love that show as much as I do. They’re nearly teenagers now so they don’t admit it any longer, but they do sneak a peek at it when they think their pa ain’t watching.

  2. Lava-er… brilliant.

  3. Yes Ashton… I have not lost the touch of the brilliant wordsmith.

    I haven’t seen that show in yeeeeeears. For some reason although I still indulge in a lot of childhood habits, that is not one of them. Babar on the other hand… watch out.

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