Posted by: audioofamber | November 4, 2008

Was it me not worth knowing?



Mostly because there are a distinct lack of current musicians that I like, therefore there has never been a show I have witnessed released as a live recording! Not that I was at this exact show, but close enough. For the past ten years or so of my life, a Matt Good concert has been the absolute pinnacle of excitement and emotion in my life, perhaps. To have that captured on a recording is pretty neat. I can imagine listening to this with fond memories in twenty years or so.

Seriously, when it first came on last night, when I was getting ready to do the dishes, I reverted to my fourteen year old fangirl self [without the hysterical crying.] I was jumping around screaming. I am glad Jeff was out walking the dog.

As usual with Matt Good shows, I wish he would play more of my favourite songs and less of my least favourite, but you can’t make everyone happy. A couple concerts ago, I was so choked when I found out he played the Fine Art of Falling Apart at the show the night before I went! Obviously he did not get the memo. The day I hear him play that live, I may evaporate from this earth. It’s my theme song and has been since the day I heard it [for when I am thinking the worst.]

I walk alone and I
I ride alone and I
I rock myself to sleep
Baby, there ain’t enough room in this world
For people like you
And horrors like me

I stand alone and I
I fight alone and I
Stay clean by feeling cheap
And baby, there ain’t enough room in this world
For perfections like you
And monsters like me

A time of darkness
You will look absurd and you will feel it hurt
And you will go looking to blame somebody
You see I used to think that I’d get over everything
But everything just got
Over me

I’m certain of it

I walk alone and I
I ride alone and you know
That’s all right by me
See baby cause
There ain’t enough room in this world
For a great, great many things

Well Matt, I hope you’re wrong about both of us.




  1. ha!
    I wish I’d seen that!!!!
    You reverting I mean.

    And I had no idea your SG status thing… that you haven’t updated in like 3 years… was a MG reference.

  2. Yea I forced you to listen to this song the other day and told you it was my theme song :D

    It is weird how lyrics are often more easily absorbed when read.

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