Posted by: audioofamber | November 4, 2008


Guess who doesn’t entirely hate sports at this moment in time? I am fairly certain the apocalypse may be on it’s way. Jeff is pretty into hip-hop culture and all that, which extended into a love for the sport of basketball. Never a sport I was particularly interested in, aside from the obligatory elementary school team, and free tickets to the Grizzlies vs. Bulls where we cheered for the Bulls cause ‘Kobe is hot.’ The season just started, I have been getting a lot of back story, I gave it a chance and actually enjoyed it. I still think sports are kind of fundamentally silly, that people get so passionate about “our team” vs. “their team”, when half the players on “our team” were on “their team” last year, but anyway… the enjoyment of it I slightly do understand I guess. I already have a favourite team/player, but that might change since I only actually watched like one and a half games so I am not that committed.

Nicolas Batum – rookie from France on the Portland Trailblazers





Kill me now plz k thx.

It takes more effort to NOT like basketball, when Jeff is around :P



  1. ZMOG!

    /waits for locusts, plagues, frogs, hailstones, etc.

    You know I couldn’t care much less who wins/loses.
    It’s insanely beautiful and the cultural/political implications are staggering.

  2. I know; I wouldn’t exactly call you the average sports fan though.


  4. Whatever hockey lover
    Barf times a million

  5. I don’t get hockey at all.
    If I want to watch a bunch of rich, sexually frustrated, white boys slamming into each other I’ll just DL gay porn.

  6. Damnit but we are busy playing Mario Kart and Warcraft tonight :P :P

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