Posted by: audioofamber | November 3, 2008

The bathroom mirror has not budged.

And now, for a walk down old photobucket account lane. [In my attempt to write that last sentence I first wrote photofucket and then photoducket… I am sharp today.]

Two Decembers ago now…. when my job wasn’t quite so suck. I had a peer, no a FRIEND even. Imagine that. Then again I am glad a couple people from this picture are not in my life anymore at least.

The places of my [literary] dreams:

I was vain…. or I pretended I was to mask insecurity.

When I was a kid I loved this game….. WIDGET.

This is Evo… my wintertimesickoncouchplayingemulatorsupposedtogotothesantaclauseparadebuttoolazy game. Sweet sweet emulators :(

Ah Battle Dodge Ball… fun. I find somehow the more advanced video games get the less fun they become… so sad.

Some dude was supposed to make this into a tshirt but I don’t think he ever did.

I used to take a lot of pictures in my underwear until the world shamed me into stopping. Or I just grew up, I am not so sure.

Didn’t you know Santa’s black?

I think my lips are underappreciated.

You can’t tell but this is wine my cat is drinking!

I was/am not an attention whore. what are you talking about?

This is when I started smoking pot, cause it was within my power to pack a bowl :P

My wall from lifetimes ago

I miss my kitty :(

Sweet earmuffs or what?

Speaking of awesome costumes…

When my cat was pink.

so cute.

Well that killed a few hours.. thanks for letting me indulge.



  1. Epic epic post and so aptly timed!!!

    None of that other crap from earlier today seems to matter in the slightest now.

  2. Nice to see something other than La Dusseldorf can make you smile today

  3. i totally remember that series of pictures of the cat with the kerchief!

  4. Heh yea, one of my career highlights for sure

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