Posted by: audioofamber | October 31, 2008

Halloween end = Christmas start

Well my “costume” is extremely crappy; a Cub Scouts hat and a Boy Scouts shirt! ‘Not a cub, not yet a boy scout’ just like Britney says. The only other person “dressed up” is wearing a really amusing wig. I already got one ‘I was never in Scouts with anything that looks like THAT’ from a customer. I can only imagine if I wore an actually remotely sexy costume to work… UGH.

Just to enjoy some Halloween spirit here are some people who do not suck at dressing up. I am so jealous. Sorry all the costumes are nerdy and Warcraft related. I couldn’t find anyone who did a sexy Draenai very well… I want to dress up as my Draenai priest so bad! She is my new favourite character; She is so hot my blood elf looks fugly in comparison.

I want to punch these chicks for some reason… they look painfully vapid.

And for good measure, Lion-O.

This weekend Christmas trees and decorations are on sale at Sears – so it begins!


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