Posted by: audioofamber | October 30, 2008

I miss you :(

How I wish I could hear your shrill meow as you hurry into the bathroom, your favourite pot inhaling and being brushed area. How I wish I could hold you down and cut your nails while you’re trying to squirm away as if someone is horribly abusing you. How I wish I could be unpleasantly awoken in the morning by a sharp claw in my toe or on my nose. How I wish I could be meowed at in demand your food bowl be filled up. How I wish you could sit on my lap, purring and clawing my legs, as I scratch your chin. How I wish – most of all!- that I could touch your sweet sweet waddle again. *tear*

At least this way, I will never have to deal with your death, which was by far my #1 fear in life.



  1. This is really a beautiful piece of writing! As one who has a cat, and also lost my first cat about 7 years ago, I am well aware of how much joy they bring, and how difficult the loss of a cat is. You truly have my condolences. I can see that you have many beautiful memories to hold on to, and some lovely photos, as well.

    My wife and I only let a few weeks go by (after the death of our first cat) until we got our second cat. That worked well for us. We still have great memories of our first cat, but we adore our second cat, as well.

    Take care, and thanks for sharing such personal and warm feelings.
    Best of luck, and hope you can, one day, get another cat, as you remember and grieve over this one. Mitch

  2. Thanks for the kind words, but now I feel I am misrepresenting myself. My cat is not actually dead, just the victim of a failed relationship! At least I know she is alive out there somewhere being happy and loved!

  3. aw, such a heartfelt and sad entry. and i was really affected by the last line. thinking about that eventuality with my own cat is a huge fear for me as well. i really have no idea how i’m going to deal with it.

    so let’s stop talking about it now.

  4. Yea when my hedgehog died I pretty much fell apart. And hedgehogs don’t exactly have a lot of personality!

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