Posted by: audioofamber | October 2, 2008

Christmas Nerding.

Okay, so I have a thing with Christmas, used to love it, still love concept due to fond memories, practice kind of lame. Anyway, I realized I am a Christmas Geek, and also realized how funny a thing that is to be a geek of. I remember the old housewives in the Spirit Of Christmas…

Anyway, these things came out this year I heart… the artist generally makes these lame folk art angels and crap that I hate but these are sooo cute.

I mean, I know they are tacky, but I think that’s partially the fun of Christmas.

I would get to make a seriously sweet display with these. And then dust that display repeatedly.

I think I want this one most:

Dude, I almost forgot…..

First nog of the year. They give it to you, then they take it away… such power they flaunt.


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