Posted by: audioofamber | September 18, 2008

My life without me.

Throughout my life, while musing on civilization and it’s benefits and downfalls, I often have the occurring thought of ‘Stupid fucking humans, wouldn’t it be great if a plague wiped the whole population out tomorrow?’ Then it occurs to me, would the Earth be able to recover? Would all the little animals be stuck with like, nuclear power plants melting down due to lack of maintenance? If only these hooves were a little more dainty, I could press that damned red button…. Being stoned at the beach the other day Jeff indiscriminately brought up this book on the very subject! I was incredibly excited. Luckily he used to work at a bookstore, so he has a lot of books, and this one is in my bag now! I am very interested to start reading it.

Jeff: I am surprised you are not more interested in post-apocalyptic movies!
Me: But there are always scary zombies and stuff!



  1. Yo. New blog. Nice.

  2. Yay blog friend

  3. Holy shit!
    Where did you get actual picture of heaven!!!???

  4. Google image search, baby. It’s a wonderful thing.

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