Posted by: audioofamber | September 17, 2008


Going to the beach after work is awesome. It is nice how the dog forces one to get out and enjoy the outside more. It is nice now, but I dread rainy cold winter! Then I shall curse her soul.

I had a good weekend. I think I got some pictures, I forget. Saturday I got a haircut from Brittani. I have bangs again, I feel like I am in highschool. This might be a good thing if I didn’t have horrible self esteem in highschool, and that seems to be rubbing off on my view of my new hair! I think I will grow to like it though.

I miss working with Brittani, I hate how some people you just kind of lose touch with if you’re not forced to see eachother every day! Through no fault of the friendship itself, I think, just the kind of people we both are.

Ah good times int he deluxe room at the River Rock Casino.

Us with my former boss… So I worked next to her every day and she booked a deluxe room for us at the River Rock and gambled until 5 am after we had gone to bed… how was I to know she was a gambling-addicted embezzler? Haha.

Back when I would actually go to a staff party.

The rest of Saturday… I think I have some pictures of so I won’t post about it now.

Fleet Foxes tonight! I am less tired this Wednesday, I am glad it was this week and not last.



  1. “CURSE HER SOUL”?!????!??????????!?????????????
    Yet she’ll still give you unconditional love!

    and BTW, your hair is awesome.
    You couldn’t NOT look gorgeous even if you tried.


  2. It’s a figure of speech…. my cursing powers are limited to mice or smaller right now, I will have to practice…

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