Posted by: audioofamber | September 12, 2008

Work stress.

I am going to be shitting my pants this weekend. You see, I took a day off earlier this week. This day happened to be the day payroll must be run. With all my absences lately, I kind of just assumed the accountant was on top of it, although there is no reason he really should be, since I didn’t mention it to him. So I processed payroll the day I got back but it said ‘Off schedule deposits may not arrive in accounts on selected payment date.’ My head is going to be on a fucking stake on Monday if people don’t get paid! I imagine everything will go just fine, they just state that as a disclaimer in case they are really behind or something… but that’s just the kind of thing I obsessively worry about. Now I have to stay up till midnight on Sunday to verify! To be prepared for just how much people may hate me on Monday morning!

I realized have a thing for Russian. It is mysterious and creepy to me.

Old pictures.

I used to be obsessed with Silent Garfield; I think I need to devote an entire other post to my favourite ones. Garfield minus Garfield is good too.

Can you tell I am going through one of my old photobucket accounts?



  1. This post made me feel horrible at first.
    Then as I”m scrolling down the pics, my grin gets bigger and bigger.
    When I got to that last one…….well, I’m just glad I have iKlear

    you are so fucking beautiful

  2. Don’t worry I won’t let it distract me much. Nothing I can do about it!
    That last one was just for you :)

  3. So… payroll crisis averted?

    (Trying to removed iKlear comment from brain… Seriously, you two, get a room or something! Oh, um, never mind.)

  4. Well no one has complained to me yet, and it showed up in my bank account at the right time so it seems fine!
    And I am so naive I thought he meant he spat out his coffee or something, so there you go. :P

    Sheesh. =P

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