Posted by: audioofamber | September 11, 2008

It’s official:

I am a dork.

[My name is Hyzenthlay]

I can’t believe how much fun I am having playing! I would probably be enjoying it less and feeling more frustrated if I wasn’t playing with an experienced player sitting beside me…. I can’t wait till I get to train wild animals and stuff! Sweetness. I love how I am so late on trends.

Fleet Foxes is next week! I am relieved. I really just want to stay in tonight. Last night, hanging out with the ex, seeing my cat, being in my old condo, was actually relieving too. It is good to see that life goes on without me… my ex is still a cool guy, my condo still exists, my cat is still fat. Life flows on within you and without you.

Life is a funny thing. Learning to live it is kind of fun sometimes. Except for work… uggghhhhhhhh. Learning to make work a non-soul-sucking aspect of my life is a very important lesson for me to learn one of these days.



  1. Don’t get too addicted to WoW now. It is fun escaping boring life every now and then though. Enjoy it!

  2. I will try not to care about my virtual life more than my real life! When people get like that it is kinda scary.

  3. Since when did you care more about “real” life?????

  4. You’d better hope I care more about real life. The sex just doesn’t seem as satisfying in an RPG :P

  5. oh you just wait till I break out the “Big Bear Bone”
    You ain’t seen nothin yet

  6. Uhhh…. what?
    I am scared haha

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