Posted by: audioofamber | September 8, 2008


I have always had a love/hate relationship with Sunday. On Sunday I always seem to forget that while the impending doom of the week is awaiting me, taunting me, Sundays are still better than all but one of the rest of the days of the week.

Yawns. Relaxing outside is indeed nice.

Ack! My whiteness is blinding!

She gets her cone off tomorrow. I am kind of sick of being bashed in the legs with it and hearing it scraping against the walls, so this is good I think. No longer will I be able to laugh at the droopy ears and sad face caused by the cone though.

Jeff is playing Spore right now but we finally bought Mariokart [I did own it in another incarnation of my life but have not played in a while.] I fear I will need to take up a new hobby while the evolutionary process is being explored.

Needlepoint anyone?

Who knew there was so much cool needlepoint in the world? Or more accurately in the first four pages of google image search?



  1. Ha!

    …and the combination of grandma type cuteness and your knock me on the floor and start twitching beauty is almost more than I can take.

  2. shh now everyone knows we’re perverts! the jig is up!

  3. Oh they don’t even have a clue!

  4. I mean, come on!
    Everyone knows people who call themselves “Daddy” have only the purest of intentions.

  5. And I said not a word about that ass!!!!!


  6. You are blowing our top secret perv status! DAMNIT

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