Posted by: audioofamber | September 5, 2008

Is it time for me to act mature?

I can’t stop feeling dizzy today. Couldn’t go to work because every time I would even roll over this morning the room started spinning, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of falling. Very strange. Still definitely lingering well into the afternoon… I think I may have listeria.

Must start feeling better for Mogwai tonight. I can’t pretend to know this band well but I definitely like what I have heard. We ran out of pot; what kind of poetic justice is that? Hopefully impending falafels will perk me up… but wtf is a falafel?

Yes, the ocean is beautiful, it also smells like sea-stink.

Pre-coned Roxy. So full of life.

Desk forest. Yes I am pretty mature for my age.



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