Posted by: audioofamber | September 4, 2008


Roxy jumped off the balcony! Tore open her belly! She is okay and now I get to laugh at her cone.

This cat looks like my cat mixed with this old cat I used to know. Like they had a sweetly cute lovechild. I wanted to take her home, to replace missing my cat!

I think mid-meow pictures are like my favourite kind of picture. They’re so like; ‘YELL!’

My cat AKA cat mom.

CAT DAD aka mr. doodles RIP

HAHA the old days, at my mom’s… I miss those naive underwear photo days. Before the world seemed like such a hateful place. TEARZZ



  1. Yay! Your dog is okay! I am glad to hear that you have a working dog.

  2. TEARZZ indeed.

  3. yeah I kinda miss those underwear days too.

  4. oh to be 19 again
    now i am old, haggard, and bitter :P

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