Posted by: audioofamber | August 29, 2008

Let’s go away for a while…

First task to begin five minutes into new life: Ferry to Seattle. Wipe the tears away from bidding farewell to the old. Greeted with future.

Seattle was pretty amazing. I had not been to the United States since I was about 6 or so, and had never been to the west coast. I had this image in my head of large American cities… rude, fat, inconsiderate people, and dirty, unsafe streets. Seattle was a perfect place to crush my perceptions of the unknown. With the exception of one person [she was a carny, what do you expect?] I found everyone amazingly friendly. Service people seemed happy to be doing their jobs. Strangers smiled on the street. When waiting to jaywalk cars would stop for you on busy streets to let you cross! At no point did I feel unsafe.

The first giant American flag of the trip.

First stop in Washington was braving the ever e-coli famed Jack In The Box. [An aside: I just wikid them to ensure I had the correct disease and I found out that all the cases occurred in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest! Maybe at the very restaurant we were in! Exciting.] This was a mistake for a first stop in Washington as along with the trauma of what had been going on around me, it took it’s toll for a while. Even here, the teen serving us was insanely excited about the curly fries.

I see it! There it is!

It was really really warm when we were there. This is better than rain but I was wishing it wasn’t quite so sticky. We were planning on going to the Gorge to see Tom Petty, but by the time we got across the border [by the skin of our teeth as I did not possess the proper documentation] and headed on our way it was becoming obvious we would not make it there before sunset, and it seemed like a waste of a lot of driving. Besides, the trip was about much more than Tom Petty. We were happy to check into our hotel.

The room was tiny but it was a neat hotel and became our first home, for a few days anyway.

This was the view from our window.

The monorail reminded me of Disneyworld.

The view from the monorail.

We were on our way to the SCIENCE FICTION MUSEUM. This had to be the thing I was most excited for on the trip.

The minute before I found out YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES. Even without the flash. SO SAD. How could they do that to me? How could they show me so many wonderful relics and not give me the ability to remember them properly. I HAVE THE MEMORY OF A STONER HERE PEOPLE.

I did sneak one picture, because it was just too good not to immortalize. SOLARIS AND FLUX. Unfortunately the camera was still a mystery at this point so the quality is very poor.

You didn’t realize I am actually a space creature did you?

This fountain is very cool. I like the Seattle Centre area.

This dinky coaster with the disgruntled carny was actually surprisingly sweet. It is like exactly my pace for a roller coaster. AKA fairly lame.

I am actually a pretty wicked shot! Who knew?

Unfortunately this bitch was out of service.

While in Seattle Centre there were these AWESOME people with Guy Fawkes masks protesting Scientology, apparently they are called Project Chanology [I love you wiki.] I wish I got pictures. One of them had a sign [OMG CHANOLOGY. NOW I GET IT. 4CHAN LOL LOL. I MISS NOT4CHAN. ANNNYYYYWAY] that said something about Chef being evil… for some reason I enjoy people being disrespected when they are dead. Perhaps because it is generally so taboo, any downfalls of people are supposed to be forgotten just because they are not on this earth anymore.

First I just took a photo of this dude’s menagerie but then I figured it is only fair to get him in there as well.

One of the best/worst moments of the trip was listening to this choir sing ‘God Bless America’ in a mall.

This bus was alternating these two things, mildly strange.

We went to this amazing restaurant called Typhoon for dinner one night, it is Thai, the waitress was sooo adorable in a bookish way she just killed me. The food was insanely good. Thai vegetable tempura, and I finally had pad thai. I wish I could go there all the time! We also went to this quite good Mexican fast food place, all the meat was hormone free and everything, a quality fast food place like that would kill here. We ALSO went to this place recommended to us called the Cheesecake Factory. I did not have high hopes [for obvious reasons if you know me] but it was so good. The menu was huge [see?], and I had possibly the best sandwich of all time. The Cuban: Slow-roasted pork, ham, swiss, pickles, mustard, mayonaise, on a panini type bread. OMGZ.

In this part of town they have all these neat one of a kind sculptures instead of those stupid flags/banners on light posts.

World’s oldest arcade game? I had to play it of course but it didn’t work that well. Maybe I just need practice.

Sweetest Shi Tzu EVER, owned by the nicest people ever at Sneaker City…

Fruits of Sneaker City.

I got a lot of wicked shopping done, maybe you will see some of the clothes on here later. I mostly got cute dresses but haven’t had much chance to wear them since I have been back. And Urban Outfitters is surprisingly awesomely cool! I realize they have one in Van but I had never been. So much neat shit! MMMMM SHOPPING. I still didn’t manage to find a bathing suit, because I am a freak of nature, and while shopping can sometimes really frustrate me it is well worth it in the end, and that was probably the most fun I have had shopping in a really long while.

It started raining the day we were leaving. Back to reality. Back to a very strange mix of the old and the new, of joy and intense tragedy. I think it was a pretty solid kick-off for sure.



  1. sweet sweet post!!!!
    Man, I feel like I just had another holiday.

  2. Too bad the first one harshly bankrupted us haha

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