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Beasts of Burden.

I highly recommend this for people who love both animals and comics. The art is awesome, and it’s like the Plague Dogs of comics. Meaning it kicks ass. Have only read the first two,  because I have four and not three. The remaining one is on order though.

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Love this comic! Got the trade paper back out of the library…. unfortunately it’s the only one, as only six issues of the comic were made. Why oh why are there like 16 Spiderman titles A MONTH and they can’t keep this going?

(Not that it’s the same company, but that’s not the point!)

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First sincere attempt at art in about ten years. An ode to the cute girl dressed up as Pikachu at Tsukino-con.

EDIT:: I suck at my Pokemon references and she’s actually Pichu. But I got the picture to her, and she was very excited! Yay.

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Happy Birthday.

I went  to a birthday party the other day. I ate sushi like ten years ago and didn’t really like it cause of the seaweed flavor. So this party was first at a sushi restaurant. I tried sake sashimi (salmon), which actually wasn’t as horrible as I might imagine. I dislike ‘fishy’ flavour so most of the time I don’t like to eat fish. This was quite mild in flavour, and the texture didn’t disgust me as I had imagined either. So, it was a pretty good experience. I also tried tekka maki (tuna roll) and it wasn’t bad, but I still didn’t really love the seaweed flavour. I skipped the ikura nigiri (salmon eggs) saba nigiri (pickled mackrel) toro nigiri (fatty tuna) and tekka sashimi (tuna) that my boyfriend ate. Oh I also drank some sake, which I had never had before. I was adventurous enough for one night! Maybe a few months actually. I am enjoying trying things again that I decided I disliked as a child/teenager, because I find sometimes my tastes have changed and it is good to find new things to like!

Then we went back to one of the birthday boy’s houses. There were a bunch of people I had never met before at dinner and the gathering (it was my old coworker’s birthday, and I had met his wife before as well, but other than them and my bofyriend I knew no one.) It was surprisingly enjoyable considering this. Everyone was  really nice. Maybe people are not as scary and evil and annoying as I sometimes think. But, my old coworker and his wife are pretty awesome so I should have expected them to have decent friends!

I made this birthday card for him. I kinda fucked it up but I like it anyway, especially the ‘happy birthday’ in black metal writing. I had to look up pictures of black metal for reference, and it was kinda scary. Buaha.  Also, I listened to ‘Coven’ while I was drawing it. That is as about Satanic as I get.

Also, this is funny.

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Manga #4

I don’t think I really have to explain to you why this is the BEST MANGA EVER!!!! Joking, but it is pretty awesomely cute and pervy. Admittedly kinda stoked to read volume 2. This manga made me think I SHOULD MAKE A MANGA. Heh. Thanks, Mattsu, you weirdo.

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Manga #3

I guess Legal Drug isn’t technically yaoi, but it definitely has some boy love themes running through it… however it’s Clamp, so it doesn’t get that sexy or tantalizing or anything, fortunately/unfortunately. I expect everything Clamp will have some standard of quality.

They didn’t talk in the first volume about the actual drug that they sell where they all work, at the Green Drugstore… I wonder if they will get into it more in future issues or if it remains vague. Well, hardly vague at all actually.

(My scans pretty much suck because I don’t want to disect my manga.)

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Crayons rule.

One of the reasons I started reading manga was being interested in drawing again. Here is something I drew… well really, copied out of a book. I got a bunch of how to draw manga books out of the library, hopefully I will be able to draw without a reference picture at some point.

I think it is really neat how a lot of manga artist/writers get started by creating dojinshi, self-published work, often fan art. Including Clamp!

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Manga #2

After being blown away by my first manga, I decided to read one of the ones I purchased on my own accord. I spent a good hour and a half at Curious Comics browsing the manga, trying to find something I would like. I mostly focused on the stuff wrapped up in plastic, because you know there’s something inappropriate inside! (Though, I have a feeling they keep all the truly awesome perverted sexual stuff back in Japan.)

However, I also had to pick up this unsealed one as I really liked the art, and have a love of animals. Beast Master is a story about a girl who loves animals. A new boy comes to her school that everyone is afraid of, but she witnesses how animals adore him so decides to get to know him as well.

As I said, I like the art…. but I think this is a typical shojo manga with trite writing, simplistic romances and far too little sexual innuendo. Heh! Might pick up the next in the series, if I am running out of things to read. No, that’s not fair. I might buy it just because I like the art. Apologies to the author Kyosuke Motomi who seems like a charming lady, and I am very happy for her to achieve her dream of creating manga! I am just not quite the right audience unfortunately.

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Manga #1.

I have a new hobby! I can’t remember quite how I got interested…. a combination of all the pervy hentai I look at, the boyfriend having a pre-existing manga collection, and getting interested in creating art again. I asked him to recommend me a few to read, and I also bought a few at Curious Comics for myself. I had about five set aside I wanted to read, and asked him what I should start with.

He recommended xxxHolic… a manga created by Clamp, a group of women who started out as highschool girls drawing fan art. PERFECT MANGA TO BEGIN WITH! For some reason with manga in general, I expected to enjoy the art but not be blown away by the narrative. How wrong I was! At times I actually felt the story to strike deeper than a freaking self-help book! Clearly, these women are amazing.

Also, there are slightly pervy innuendos that I thorougly enjoy.

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